Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Motivation

I have been overweight my entire life. I was 250 lbs in 8th grade and started college at 320. I am now 50 pounds heavier than that. I have never allowed my weight to hold me back from anything. I am a successful business person. I am happily married (to a skinny runner no less who met me when I was not much lighter than I am now). I have travelled the world and had wonderful life experiences. I think this is why it has always been hard for me to find the motivation I needed to lose the weight. I just didn't see the need.
Well, I do now. I am about 18 months away from 40 and my body just can't do it anymore. I am tired, all the time. I am sore, especially in my hips. I can't be as active as I would like. I am facing major surgery for a congenital heart defect in 3 years or so and I am scared of dying.
I need to lose the weight.
There, that's my motivation. I am scared of dying. The rest of the stuff, being more active, less tired, less sore, those will be bonuses. Nice side effects. But surviving surgery is my motivation and I will try to remember that each and every time I need to make a choice about the food I eat and the way I treat my body.
I will do this so that I will survive my surgery. I will.


  1. I have a skinny bean pole husband too, and we met 70 pounds ago. I am losing this weight for ME, and my kids, but I think he deserves the person he married to come back (or even better). He didn't sign up for someone who is this un-motivated....I'm changing, though!!!

  2. Good for you for finding your motivation. Let's tackle this together. I will keep checking in on you.