Monday, July 12, 2010

New Week, New Energy

I had a great weekend. Hubby and I went to a really nice restaurant on Saturday night for a belated birthday dinner for me. It was so nice to be out, just the two of us, in a relaxed but nice atmosphere for an experience we wouldn't otherwise do. It was a blind tasting menu and it was awesome. Had lots of new foods, lots of new combinations and really enjoyed the experience. I rocked on the diet front yesterday and worked out on Saturday, so I feel really ready to rock the week.
When I bought groceries this weekend, I really tried to plan breakfasts so that I would have high protein options for the week. I find a high protein breakfast keeps me fuller longer and sets me up for a good day. So I bought some LF Mozzarella, some smoked fishes (I grew up on them, so for me they are bfast food) and lots of eggs. This morning we had smoked fish and scrambled eggs, delish!
For lunch today I brought lots of sliced veggies and a chicken breast. Yogurt, hummus and some fruit for snacks.
I also joined the Positive Effect Water Challenge put on by bloggers Kenz and Sean. It asks you to have at least 64oz of water per day. I do hit that target on most days, but some days, especially when I am busy at work, I forget. So from today, I will track my water. I think I will also use that as the kick I need to track my eating.
Hubby hasn't been working for quite a while and while the financial hit has been hard, the fact that he has been home has taken a ton of pressure off of dinner. He has been making dinner most nights and that has freed me up to go to the gym and take better care of me. Well, we think he found work. The place has long hours and everyone works shifts so if the job works out, as a general rule, he won't be home til around 7. This will change our schedule but I am thinking it might be in a good way. Hubby is a runner and runs 7 miles on the treadmill everyday. This takes him about an hour and he is pretty good about ensuring he runs everyday.
With his new schedule he is planning on running after dinner. I plan on joining him. It is so much easier to wrokout with company. This will mean lighter dinners and then a workout. I plan to use the elliptical while he is running. I figure I will start at 25-30minutes and try to build to 45. (I started at 10). I will still go to my class at the gym on Sunday and will do my big workout on Saturday. The more I workout, the easier this weight loss will be. I hate it, but am resigned to do it. Maybe over time, I will learn to tolerate it. Eventually, maybe even like it.
I will do this, I will.

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