Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tired today

I am really, really tired today. I have low iron and have not been taking my supplements because of the stomach issues they cause and I think it has finally caught up with me. I am really tired. I will get back on those supplements and try to get some extra rest over the next few days.
I did great on the PEWC water challenge on Monday, but yesterday was a really busy day and frankly, I forgot about the challenge, so my water consumption was really low. I will get back to it today.
I brought my gear to go to aquafitness tonight. Really looking forward to it. I hope the pool is cleaner and clearer than last time. If not, I am debating calling the public health people and reporting the gym. Is that terrible of me?
Brought my lunch again today and am still taking the stairs at work. Things are just chugging along.
With hubby back at work, I need to meal plan better. We both get home around 6:30 now and if we want to fit in a workout, we need to be able to make quick dinners. I need to meal plan for that to ensure that not only I have ingredients in the house to work with but also recipes and a plan of what to make. What is your go to quick dinner? I am planning on spending some time this weekend to come up with a list of quick dinners and then shopping for the ingredients I need to be able to make them. If I have a list of 15 or so, I can work them into my routine and always be prepared. I really like to eat a hot dinner, so it becomes a challenge as many quick recipes are either salad based or pasta based, both of which I prefer not to eat.
Goals for today are to hit my water target and go to Aquafitness.
I will do this, I will.

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