Monday, July 5, 2010

A great weekend

I took a few days off from work and went home for the weekend. It was my birthday and I wanted to see my friends and parents and spend time at home.
It's funny how no matter how old we get, who we marry, what city we choose to live in as adults, for some reason, the city in which we grew up is home. And it was really, really nice to be home.
I had a blast this weekend. Spent some really good quality time with my friends, caught up with them. I have been friends with some of them since kindergarden and others since my teen years and it was great to be able to sit around a table together and it feel like I saw them yesterday. We are so comfortable with each other that time stands still. There is no awkward silence, no weird moments. Just really comfortable love and acceptance. It felt really good.
And, I chose not to worry so much about my eating. I tried to make good choices when I wanted to and enjoy my splurges when I made them and deal with whatever the result. So I have a little work to do, but on the whole not too bad. I am up two pounds from last weigh in, with 2 days to the next weigh in. I am quite happy with that. I lost all of the hormone weight and will lose these two pounds once I get back into my routine. I am not at all concerned.
I am back home, in my adopted city, feeling recharged and refreshed and am excited to keep at this for the summer.
I will do this, I will.

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