Thursday, April 15, 2010

A better day and taking control

I feel so much better today.
I got home last night and hubby had already started dinner. We had planned on a taco night. I ended up stuck in traffic yesterday and while sitting in park on the parkway I had decided that maybe I would turn taco night into a stir fry so that we could get more veggies in. Anyways, when I got home, hubby had started to cook dinner but had only thought so far as the meat. I was pretty annoyed at him. I started bitching about "did you think about vegetables in this meal" and he just rolled his eyes at me and kept cooking. That made me even madder. I then I took a deep breath and had a conversation in my head that went something like, ok, he's trying to be helpful and he's making dinner. Be grateful he's not sitting on the couch watching tv and expecting you to make dinner. You can still add vegetables to this meal and make it a healthier dinner.
So I did, and it felt good to be able to work through it. Those are the things that always trip me up. The things I don't control. I am a person who needs to feel in control of everything, and when someone takes that away from me I give up, rebel. And it manifests itself in food. Often.
Wow, I hadn't really thought about that until I started blogging it and it just came out. Right here in this post. If I am not in complete control then I say whatever, give up and let someone else derail my efforts.
But, like I proved last night, I can control what I put in my body by making better choices. I can add vegetables to any meal. I can go for a walk after dinner (which we did). I can make better choices at a restaurant that wasn't my pick. I can choose to respect myself with those choices.
The dietitian I am working with suggested I get up 10 minutes earlier every morning and do a stretching routine. Just to get in touch with my body and to loosen up all of my aching joints. I did that this morning for the first time and it felt pretty good. I tried to do crunches at the end, but that was a bit much for first thing in the morning for me. Maybe in time.
I am still craving sugar and wanted a coke for breakfast this morning. Instead, I am sitting here with a large cup of water hoping the craving will pass.
I will do this, I deserve it!


  1. Great job on adding those veggies. And not only b/c it's good for you, but b/c it will keep you fuller longer too!

    And isn't it funny how you realize things only when you start blogging and it just shoots out! But recognizing that pattern is the first step to correct it!

  2. Thanks. It really is amazing how much blogging helps to identify things that trip you up.