Friday, April 9, 2010

Small Changes

Got home yesterday exhausted. It's been a very long week at the office and I was in no mood to cook. I plopped myself on the sofa and decided I wasn't cooking dinner and started debating with myself about where to go for dinner. The old me would have chosen some yummy but unhealthy choice like falafel or pizza or chinese and would have thoroughly enjoyed it, but then would have felt guilty afterwards.
So I had a very active discussion in my head about choices.
I decided to choose to cook, I decided to honor myself by doing so. I decided that I am worth the effort to make the changes I need to lose the weight. I just decided to do it.
For me, that is the hardest part. The "just do it" part. I know it's a slogan for Nike, and a bit cliché but it has always been really, really hard for me. I have had so many people over the years tell me that in order to be successful at weight loss, you just need to do it. My answer was always how. They would look at me really funny because to them they just do. I don't. I never really had an aha moment when I just willed myself to do it. Until last night. And when I did, I was really proud.
Cooking dinner on most nights is something I love to do. But last night was not one of them and the fact that I did, that I cared enough about myself to do it, gives me hope that I will be able to just do other things, really really hard things, as I tackle this challenge of weight loss.
I will do this, I can!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. I'm a new blogger too. Good luck with your journey. I know you can do it! I've lost about 88 lbs so far, only a few left. It's a struggle but with determination, you can get there.

    I started the blog to keep me accountable, kind of like you, so check out mine if you have time. Maybe we can inspire each other.

    Good luck!