Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Migraines and Carbs

Weigh-in today was pretty good. Lost almost 2 lbs, so I managed to lose the weight I had gained last week plus a little more. Still struggling with exercise, but I have some new ideas and will see how that goes. I am thinking of trying one morning class and see if I can get there and not vomit during. My husband will laugh when I tell him this plan as I am NOT a morning person. BUT, one day a week is not the end of the world. I meet with the dietitian at 7:10am, so one morning class should be doable.
Met with the dietitian this morning and we were talking about my food records and the correlation between my migraines and carbs. She thinks maybe I get the migraines on the days that I don't eat enough carbs. So maybe it's not that I don't get enough calories on migraine days, but maybe on those days I don't get enough carbs. So next week she is going to teach me how to count carbs and we will work on substituting some of my calories for carb calories and see how that goes. In the interim, I will continue to keep my food journal and will note on it how I feel at the end of each day so that we have something to work from.
I will do this, I will.

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