Friday, April 30, 2010

Strength from struggle

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, some of people who have just started their weight loss journey, some who are part of the way through it and others who are nearing goal. It seems that everyone shares similar struggles, whether it be with eating out, lack of exercise or life just getting in the way. It also seems that when the going gets tough, everyone feels that they are alone in their struggle and that no one else is going through the same thing.
Yet we are really all the same. Some have 20 lbs to goal, some 300. It doesn't really matter in the end does it. It is about the journey, the struggle, which for most of us, has been and will continue to be lifelong. It is exhausting thinking about how much effort goes into the struggle to lose weight, get fit, be healthy.
A very wise woman once told me that you can't control the way the world reacts to you you can only control the way you react to the world. I try to think of that every day. With every choice that I make, I try to think is this choice being made because I am angry, or scared, or hurt, or lonely or feeling bad about myself, or is this choice being made because I care about myself and I deserve to take care of myself. It doesn't mean that I always make the right choice, I still sometimes go for the cookie or the chocolate, but as a start, I am trying to become more aware of those choices. As those choices become easier, so will this struggle. As I become more aware of my mind-body-food reaction, the weight will come off and the mood will improve. The fit will come. It will get easier as I get lighter.
So, when you read other blogs, try to see in those who struggle the same challenges you face and gain strength from them. From their struggles. For the community that we belong to motivates us and makes us strong. For you are not alone. Read the blogs of those who are doing well as inspiration and motivation, but remember, they have bad days too. It is normal. It is okay. It is part of the struggle and it is what makes us strong.
Choose to be strong today.
I will do this, I deserve it.

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