Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling better, finally

Headache free today. Man was that a rough go. Had a pretty rough time of it of late but feel pretty good today and hope to stay well for a while.
All of the meds I have been taking have messed with my weight. I have been pretty good on the diet and can't get my rings on again, so I am pretty sure it is water weight that is reflecting on the scale. Also, all of the meds plug up the digestive system, so I have been trying to eat tons of fiber the last couple of days. It is starting to help the digestive track, but the extra calories are probably not great overall. All that to say that the scale is up 2 pounds, with official weigh in tomorrow, but it will come off next week. My body goes in cycles like this and I am learning to embrace it and not get discouraged.
We are heading out on vacation tomorrow. Meeting up with my family in Las Vegas. My plan is to eat as cleanly as I can and to walk, a lot.
My sister is bringing her laptop to Vegas, so hopefully I can borrow that to blog from there.
In the interim, have a great week. Respect your body, be good to yourself and we'll chat no later than Monday. Promise.
I will do this, I will.

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