Monday, May 3, 2010

A good Monday.

A good weekend overall. Too much family and not enough me time, but still managed to do some gardening and spend a little time relaxing with hubby.
Very bloated today, hoping lots of water will cure it. Couldn't even get my rings on this morning and the scale showed a three pound jump from yesterday. Oh, and I had a pretty good food day. Eggs and Toast for bfast, grilled pork and noodles for lunch, Turkey and roast veggies for dinner with no snacks. It's just that my body is a bit off. This is the way it goes for me and I have to learn to not worry about it, drink lots of water and keep to my food plan and the scale will sort itself out.
What I used to do, is justify a binge because the scale is up anyway so why not allow myself a treat. Now I am learning to stay on plan and the scale will come back down when the water weight goes.
A good lesson to have learned. A good thing to keep in mind.
A good Monday to you all!
I will do this, I deserve it.

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