Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doing OK

I have been really watching the diet and trying to do more cardio and not as much strength training. The scale is starting to respond again. What a slow, aggravating process. I know I need strength training too and will add it back in again, but maybe not 4 in one week. Maybe 4 total cardio sessions and only 2 strength training ones.
I am trying to add more fiber into my diet. One it will help to keep me full and two it will help in the constipation area. As i change my diet, I eat less starch, I eat more protein, I lose more weight, my system shuts down. Crazy cycle, no? Anyways, I have read that 25g of fiber per day is what you need so I will try to get there each day. I get 5g in the morning with my oatmeal, and now I have changed my afternoon snack to be bran buds with yogurt which will give me 11g more. I also eat an orange per day which gives me 2.5g. So that totals 18.5g. I think if I eat that way every day, I will hit my target as I eat alot of veggies with both my lunch and my dinner and I will now try to pick high fiber ones. Last night we had crumbled some ground chicken with mushrooms, onions and lots of peas. It was drizzled with a homemade asian sauce and really yummy. Total portion of 1.5 cups and it was very satisfying. The peas were very high fiber so if I use that meal as an example, I would hit my total daily target for sure.
Weigh in tomorrow, I am excited.
I will do this, I will.

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