Friday, June 25, 2010

Setting Goals

I am not one to ever set goals. They are just prone to disappoint. But, I am starting to recognize the importance of a target, especially one you share with others and with whom you can celebrate a success.
Growing up my good friend's mother went to Weight Watchers and lost quite a bit of weight. Everytime she would hit 10 pounds lost they would give her a ribbon. I always loved looking at them hanging on her fridge. Well I hit 20 pounds from my highest starting point this week (a little less from when I started this blog) and I told hubby that I wanted 2 ribbons. So he went and printed a banner from the web that has two ribbons with a button that reads "Good Job." It was very sweet and really brightened my day to see that banner stuck to our fridge. It is motivating and encouraging and still brings a smile to my face every time I walk in the door.
I think it is time to set a target of another 20. I was trying to decide by when it would be feasible. I would rather beat my target than not acheive and beat myself up. So I am thinking my wedding anniversary of Oct 12. That is 16 weeks for 20 pounds. Doable but not crazy. It means that I need to be on plan all summer. It means I need to be active not only when I exercise but generally too. It means I need to dust off my bicycle and go for rides on the trail just because I like to and it's fun.
It means I need to not give myself a break, not give myself permission to take a little break from this diet and exercise plan I have laid out for myself. It would be too easy to give myself permission to take a break, cuz I have lost 20 and it's hard, cuz the doctor said my valve is good and surgery is still a while away, because all of my friends are going for gelato and I want to join, because I love to bake and miss it terribly, because of all of those. But I won't, I can't.
I also love that my pants are so loose that they drag the ground and are getting freyed. I love that my summer capris can be pulled off without undoing them and I had to put on a long top to cover that. I love that I tried on a pair of jeans in a size smaller and they fit. I love that I am losing weight and really not suffering for it. Struggling sometimes, but not really suffering.
So I have set the 20 pound goal. I have said it out loud, to hubby, and now to all of you.
I will do this, I will.


  1. What a great hubby!! And a nice loss :) Congrats!

  2. hahaa!! who DOESNT love their jeans sagging? you and i started our diets right around the same time! i'll def be cheering you on.