Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good choices, bad choices

So I went to see the gym last night and signed up. It felt great and I was very excited. The gym itself was a good mix of all types of people. Not too many "hardbodies" and it didn't have the feel of a "pick-up joint" I was lucky enough to be able to observe an aqua fitness class which I will make a point of taking. I have also been very interested in trying a body pump class which is essentially a full body resistance workout with free weights. It is geared more towards beginners and they offer a Sunday morning class for it, so I think I will attend this weekend and give it a try. I will without a doubt be the largest one in the room, but what the hell, we all need to start somewhere.
My husband got a call early yesterday that his brother was delirious and could he go to the hospital and spend the day. So he went and spent the day with his brother. It was a pretty rough day. The man could not sit still and kept trying to take out his IV and other tubes. When his lunch came, it included a Jello container. He didn't realize he needed to take the lid off and then once he was told to take the lid off he tried to eat it with a knife. Hubby was pretty upset by the time he got home and really worn down and all he wanted was his favorite meal for dinner. And guess what, that means wings.
So we went for the wings and I had them and they were delicious and completely and totally off plan. Anyways, at 5am I was woken up by a horrendous migraine. I took the strongest medicine I have and it is not working. Not even a little. I am sitting here, in my office, in the dark trying to cope, but this is going to be a long day. I am wondering if the sodium content of the meal caused the migraine. We really try to minimize our sodium consumption and my body is pretty salt sensitive. So maybe, I will have to watch for that.
Today, I am 100% on plan (oatmeal for bfast, chicken & veggies for lunch, yogurt and an orange for snacks) and with my new exercise plans hopefully the chicken wings will not derail me too much.
I will do this, I will.

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  1. Great job on getting back on plan after the wings. And nothing is totally "off-limits" but if you don't feel well after eating something, then maybe it's that.

    And great for going to the gym! Don't worry about whether you are the biggest one in the class or not. That's what the gym is for. Some of the people in there may have been heavier than they are now anyway.