Friday, June 18, 2010

Frustrated and Angry

I am frustrated and angry. I am doing really well on my diet and I am working out like never before and the scale is not moving. It is quite stuck. It has not moved in a week, not up, not down, nothing. It is bizarre. I am frustrated that my efforts are not being rewarded. I am angry that my efforts are not being rewarded. I want the scale to move. I want it to say "good job, good for you. You have joined a gym, you worked out four times last week. You haven't had chocolate or coke in a month. You are awesome." But it's not, it is stuck and I am angry and discouraged.
I was compaining to hubby this morning. I said if the scale is not going to budge at least let me know it was for a good reason. At least let me have enjoyed it. I would have liked to share in the french fries that came with the take out rotiserie chicken. I would have had pizza on pizza day at work. I would not be eating so many salads and measuring my dressing. I would have lived like a normal person and been happy.
Instead, I am frustrated and angry.
Of course he tried to reassure me and said my body will catch up and lose eventually.
I know he is right and it will. But in the meantime. It sucks.
I will do this, I will.


  1. You can't let one week get you down. Your body is crazy. You may have a huge loss next week! Even if you don't, don't stress.

    How do you FEEL? How do you LOOK? How do your clothes FEEL? You need to take all these things into account. If you focus on one week only, you won't get anywhere. Look at the big picture! Look at how far you have come!

    Good luck! Keep doing what you are doing.

  2. Your scales can't say it, but I certainly can....GOOD JOB, GOOD FOR YOU!!! Think about it, you joined a gym and worked out 4 times last week, you haven't had chocolate or coke in a month, THAT IS AWESOME! Maybe you should avoid the scales for a little while and not let that number be so all important. Concentrate on all the great new things you are doing for your body and health. Keep on keeping on and eventually you will see better results. Be proud of what you have accomplished and keep it up!!

  3. Definitely don't give up!! I find that i tend to retain water when it's hot and humid. Just keep doing what your doing and eventually your body just has to give up :)