Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Good News

Went for my annual cardiology appointment this morning and got the official word. The valve has not changed. HUGE RELIEF. The dr. went back in my files and noted that it really hasn't changed since 2007 which actually is a really, really good thing. While she still thinks surgery is likely, there is a small chance that it may be quite a ways away. However, she thinks 4 years is the most probable. (No crystal ball of course).
So, I need to keep doing what I am doing and be lighter still when I see her next year. And keep on exercising.
Interestingly, it would seem that my heart issues prevent me from having any sort of weight loss procedure done, she thinks it is too risky for me. So that furthers my resolve to lose the wieght the natural way. I wasn't really ever considering the surgery but when you have been this heavy for this long it is certainly something I have thought about (but only rarely), especially when I hear all of the ads on the radio.
Ended up going to the grocery store, really hungry, looking for breakfast. I had a latte on my way to the dr. but hadn't eaten anything. I was wandering around wondering what yummy thing I could buy, and in the end I made the better choice and bought a small bun, some cheese and a yogurt.
I will do this, I will.

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